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The CeeAm Art collection was introduced at a time when the concept of semi-precious designer jewellery was unheard in India, When gold was the only metal considered worthy of wearing as an ornament and jewellery was worn, more for its social interpretation of status rather than its capacity to adorn.

All that has changed, CeeAm Art jewellery is made in the base metal silver with gold vermeil studded with precious and semi-precious authentic gemstones. Each piece is handcrafted by some of India's finest craftsmen many of whom have won awards for their talent.

The CeeAm Art jewellery collection boasts of a wide variety of both classic and contemporary designs, to adorn a woman from head to toe, we strive to create jewellery for every occasion. The collection derives its inspiration from many sources among them are the temples of Khajuraho, the kingdoms of Rajasthan, the Mughals and the everlasting era of Indian cinema.

To envision the breathtaking view of a woman from head to toe in one's own creations, to do away with the conventional and passé styles and emerge with a distinct line of jewelry, to reflect a woman's inner most desires, to dream visual stunners which adorn a woman's body, such is the vision of HINA ANKUR KOTHARI, designer par excellence and the driving force behind the enchanting jewelry line 'CeeAm Arts'.

HINA ANKUR KOTHARI launched her line in 1996, a time when the concept of designer jewelry was unheard in India, in face of acute cynicism she has carved a niche for herself as one of the most recognized jewelry designers of India. She draws her inspirations from the basic elements of nature together with the rich Indian heritage, studying its changing moods and traditions. Each of her designs is different in style, mood and craftsmanship, made to perfection by some of India's finest artisans.

Hina's creations cater to a wide canvas of both traditional and western tastes, blending majestically with whatever a woman wears. It is her deep-rooted sensitivity of being a woman and her exceptional creativity, which has made her a household name among the Indian affluent.

Hina and her husband Ankur Kothari reside in Surat And New Jersey USA manages CeeAm Arts designing , manufacturing and marketing.

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